Get to know all you can with this brief biography on the Big Brother Naija 2018 Season 3 Double Wahala housemates.

Angel Awotarigha is your calm go to and simple guy that you would love to be around. The buff guy does not use his size to intimidate and makes himself easy.

Here are 8 things you should know about Angel.

1. Angel is 31 years old, and one of ten children by his parents.

2. He is from Bayelsa State.

3. He is multi talented. He is a producer, director, singer, analyst and much more.

4. He has a diploma in directing and digital filmaking from the New York Film Academy.

5. Angel is passionate and calls himself a hopeless romantic.

6. He compares himself to a lion because he is strong. He is also a mixed martial artist.

7. He considers the highlight of his career to be when he works with an American rapper.

8. Angel is a believer of freedom of expression.