1. Add Neutrals to Look Sophisticated
Keep it classy by toning things down. Add a neutral top or jacket in ivory, white, black, tan, black, gray or navy to coloured jeans. Coloured Jeans – Coral (warm weather)

2. Mix Colours for a Fun Look
If you prefer a more playful look, wear a print top that includes the colour of the jeans. Or, if you want to go even bolder, colour block your outfit with a solid coloured top in a contrasting shade. For example, a yellow top with red jeans. Note: you need confidence to colour block, or you will look like a clown. Don’t force it. Here are some examples of coloured jeans and coloured tops styled well.

3. Try a Boyfriend Jacket for a Cool Look
Find a boyfriend jacket with turned up sleeves in a neutral colour, and pair it with coloured jeans + a white/cream top for an elegant look.

4. Animal Prints for a Hint of Sexy
A touch of leopard print thrown into a black and red mix is edgy and sexy.

5. Stripes for a Sporty Look
Stripes with coloured jeans looks modern and sporty. If the horizontal stripes make you look too wide, add a cute jacket that nips in at the waist.

6. A Chambray Shirt and Coloured Jeans for a Laid-Back Look
A soft chambray shirt + red jeans is a popular look.

7. Shows topping Accessories with Coloured Jeans for a Dramatic Look
Pair coloured jeans with a neutral top and big, dazzling statement jewellery for a head turning outfit.