It seems to be a new growing trend for Nigerian ladies to find love with their Uber ride drivers!

Gone are the days when ladies say they can’t date drivers, they are now on the lookout for a cute Uber driver who will be her potential man.

Instagram user @naijasingle girl has shared 7 tips to ladies in such categories.

1. If you want rich husband use Uber Black.

2. If your Uber Driver arrives wearing a marriage band, cancel the trip!

3. Sit in the front beside the Uber driver and not at the back like a madam. No man has the time to be twisting & turning his neck to chat with you.

4. Be polite and act like a lady. Every single Uber driver is a potential husband.

5. Don’t use an Uber to indecent places. Even if the Uber driver is not interested in you, he might have an unmarried oga or brother.

6. Ladies, don’t use Uber with ‘your squad’. Your bestie might snatch your prospective husband before your very own eyes.

7. Act like a wife material whenever you are in the Uber of a prospective husband. Pray with him at the start & end of a trip, play gospel music from your mobile phone, speak in tongues to the driver. If possible cook in the Uber.

Goodluck to you.