Former big brother Naija 2017 housemates, Tokunbo Idowu aka Tboss and Ekemini Ekerette aka Kemen have spoken on what really happened during their time on the reality show.

The two ex-housemates reconciled their difference after a peace meeting organized by journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba of Media Room Hub and Charles Opaleke, at a night club in Abuja.

In the aftermath of their reconciliation, Kemen and Tboss gave an explanation of what really happened, how they managed the crisis, forgiving each other and moving on.


“Tboss didn’t lay the accusation.
I wish I an TBoss had an opportunity to talk and analyze the video before I was evicted.
There was no touch down there, there was no touch.
The whole issue of green light didn’t come in, we had a mutual relationship in the house.
My disqualification was not because of slipping my hand into TBoss’ pant, because I didn’t do it.
but there was a case of touching her without her consent. But people twisted it.

I have always wanted to talk to TBoss.

As we get along, I will make it up to TBoss.

If Tboss gives me the opportunity, I’d love to work with her business wise.”


“I didn’t know Kemen was going to be disqualified, I found out the moment other housemates found out.

I didn’t speak about the incident because I wasn’t ready and i didn’t want to be put under pressure.
I felt betrayed with the interviews Kemen gave after the house, but now i’m in a good place and I have forgiven him.

Myself and Kemen are now good, BossNation please stop attacking him.

Accepting to reconcile makes us stronger.

But this does not mean I knew what happened that night.

Let’s just move on”